After Seating 6.3mil Diners, Here’s How TABLEAPP Will Change After Being Acquired By FunNow

Through an undisclosed sum comprising cash and shares, Malaysian online restaurant reservation startup TABLEAPP has just been acquired by Taiwanese on-demand lifestyle booking app FunNow. While operating within similar markets, the two apps themselves operate rather differently, but this acquisition will allow them to leverage on each other’s offerings. We spoke to Benson Chang, CEO…(Continue Reading)

TikTok Looking To Hire 3,000 Engineers In The Next 3 Years Following Its S’pore Expansion

According to Reuters, TikTok is looking to hire 3,000 engineers over the next three years as it ramps up its expansion plans. The engineers will hail from Europe, Canada and Singapore. “To support our rapid global growth, we plan to continue expanding TikTok’s global engineering team, including adding approximately 3,000 engineers in Canada, Europe, Singapore,…(Continue Reading)

How to Use YouTube’s New App Gestures

YouTube’s app on Android and iOS is getting some big updates to its video controls, including new gestures and rearranged overlay menus with shortcuts for toggling full-screen mode on and off, as well as other features. Once they’re available for you, here’s how you to find and take full advantage of them. Read more…

Screw Those Kids, Eat All the Candy Yourself

This month—the month of Halloween—has been chock full of hand wringing and fretting, some of it centered around trick-or-treating and the children. People are (rightly) concerned about handing candy to kids in the safest way possible, but they’re also worried about the lasting trauma that a lack of trick-or-treating… Read more…